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VEDDER SURVEY & ASSOC. VEDDER SURVEY & ASSOC. Vedder Surveys & Assoc.  are experts in coordinating and expediting Land Surveying services in the Metro Atlanta Area and Central Georgia. We provide quick turnaround, professional service, and very competitive economical prices for Land Surveying services. Our team has over 30 years combined experience working in the Metro Atlanta area and can help you with all of your Land Surveying needs. Our staff provides expertise in land surveys and land use consultation, topographic mapping and engineering. VEDDER SURVEY & ASSOC. VEDDER SURVEY & ASSOC. VEDDER SURVEYS & ASSOC.


Welcome to Vedder Surveys and Associates web site.

We are located in Forsyth, GA and serve the entire State of Georgia with land surveying services. The founder of the company, George Vedder has a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Ga. George has extensive experience in land surveying including site planning and construction staking. Please take a moment to view our services offered on this site. We know the importance of perfection and the benefit of great services in the building, construction, engineering and architectural arenas.

Our mission at Vedder Surveys and Associates is to provide our clients with complete land surveying services for all their land development needs. We are dedicated to maintaining the most state of the art equipment needed to meet our clients needs on projects of all sizes. We pride our self in providing excellent customer service with clear communication from start to finish on each and every project.

What type of survey do I need? You may want to give us a call or office visit to tell us more about your project. Also you can visit our Land Surveying Page for a description of the types of survey that we provide.

How do I choose which surveyor to hire? A land surveyor should never be chosen on price alone, remember the old saying, You get what you pay for. Registered Land Surveyors vary in knowledge and ability so choose a reputable firm that you can put your trust into-competency should be the number one factor. Professionals who are familiar with the locale of your property usually are more cost efficient that those who are not. VEDDER SURVEYS & ASSOC.

ph 678-544-2585

customer service email

Our hours are 8 AM - 5 PM Monday thru Friday.